Solutions for Integrating Online Sales with SAP

Comprehensive solutions tailored for seamless integration between e-commerce platforms and SAP systems, facilitating synchronized and efficient online sales processes.

Real-Time Data Sync

Ensures that inventory, pricing, and customer data are up-to-date across both the e-commerce platform and SAP system in real-time.

Automated order processing
Automated Order Processing

Streamlines the workflow by automatically transferring orders from the online store to the SAP system, improving order fulfillment speed and accuracy.

Harmonised customer data.
Unified Customer View

Provides a comprehensive customer profile by integrating customer information and interactions from the e-commerce platform into SAP, enabling personalized marketing and sales strategies.

Payment and delivery methods
Flexible Payment and Shipping Integration

Supports a wide range of payment gateways and shipping options within the e-commerce platform, with the transactions and logistics data seamlessly integrated into the SAP system for comprehensive financial and distribution management.